Hunters get prepared for upcoming deer season

Published 12:57 am Sunday, November 4, 2007

NATCHEZ — The first gun deer season will open on Nov. 17 and hunters in the area are eager to hit the woods in hopes of bagging a monster buck this season.

But before they go outfitters agree it’s a good idea to get outfitted with the proper equipment.

The first thing to do is dress for the weather. The first season is generally warmer, so there’s not much need for insulated clothing, hunting clothes manager for Sports Center Becky Adams said.

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“Rip Stock has been a big seller for us,” Adams said. “It’s made from the same material the military uses. It’s good for warmer weather. It comes in Mossy Oak patterns and Obsession.”

Assistant manager for Bowie’s Outfitters Paul Maier said a lighter, thinner clothing works well for warmer weather.

“You want to get something that is breathable,” Maier said. “Mossy Oak Trek-Lite and Bug Tamer allow you to stay cooler.”

Maier said, when buying clothing, pay attention to the patterns you get and choose one that’s right for your hunting area.

“It depends on where you hunt,” Maier said. “Some prefer more black in their camo, others more green. It’s a personal preference.”

Maier said Mossy Oak patterns tend to have more black than others and would be better for darker wooded areas.

A new pattern for this year is the AP or “All-Purpose” pattern from Real Tree Hardwoods.

“AP is good for all seasons,” Adams said. “It comes in all lines of clothing.”

Adams said patterns with more a more green color should be used in the early season or spring and darker colors once the leaves have fallen.

When it comes to footwear, Adams said it best to avoid heavily insulated boots.

“It’s a good thing to check the comfort range of the boots,” Adams said. “Snake boots are also good because until the first hard freeze, snakes will still be out.”

Another thing to consider with the weather being warmer is the mosquito protection.

Both Adams and Maier said the big seller has been ThermaCELL mosquito repellent.

“I’ve used it myself,” Maier said. “It works great and doesn’t have an odor, so it’s great to use while hunting.”

You can’t go hunting without ammo but it may be more expensive to buy what you need. Maier said he has seen a steady increase in the price.

“There has been a 30 percent increase in ammunition since this summer,” he said. “It’s continuing to go up so it’s best to buy it now.”

The last thing before setting out on the first day is to get your hunting license.

Mississippi resident Sportsman’s License, includes fishing, gun season, turkey and archery, primitive weapon and is $32 plus the agent’s fee. The all-game hunting/freshwater fishing license is $17 plus agent’s fee.

The prices for non-resident hunting licenses vary and depend on what and how long you want hunt.

You can find more information at or at any hunting supply store.