Voting went ‘smoothly’

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NATCHEZ — Election Commission Chairman Larry Gardner said activity at the polls on Tuesday was uneventful.

“Uneventful is good,” he said. “Things went very smoothly.”

But Gardner also said he suspected activity at the polls would be slow.

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And they were. A total of 7,851 votes were cast Tuesday.

Gardner said that voters only trickled in for most of the day on Tuesday.

Gardner said a low number of absentee votes, only 478; normally indicates a low turnout at the poles.

In addition Gardner said that poll numbers were low because many big issues had been decided in other recent elections.

The only local issues, Gardner said, were in the elections for Adams County Board of Supervisor for District 1 and 2.

“Those type of elections normally have a low turnout,” he said.