Family gives thanks for support of son

Published 12:36 am Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our son, who is in the U.S. Army is now serving his fourth deployment, his second in Iraq. His first deployment in 2002 was to Afghanistan, and since then our mail lady, Ms. Jeanie Breland has been leaving stamps in our mailbox.

We know she pays for these stamps herself and we just want to thank her and let others know of her kindness and caring all these years. We don’t know how often she has done this. We find the book or page when we go to collect the mail. She has been doing this now for over five years and we just want to say thank you. She never fails to ask about our son when she sees us. She is a true patriot.

Thank you Jeanie for all you have done and may God bless you. To some it may not seem like much, but to us it means so much because we know she cares and supports our troops.

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L.J. and Jackie Britt

Natchez residents