Election hearing resumes

Published 12:46 am Monday, November 12, 2007

VIDALIA — The civil suit to determine the fate of the Concordia Parish sheriff’s election will resume in court today.

Sheriff candidate Glenn Lipsey filed the suit to contest the election after he lost the Oct. 20 primary to incumbent Randy Maxwell by only 21 votes.

The contest hearing was originally set for Nov. 2, but Fourth Judicial District Judge Sharon Marchman recessed the proceedings until today so both sides of the case could take depositions.

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Marchman was appointed to hear the matter by the state Supreme Court.

Some of those subpoenaed to speak as witnesses in the matter include such parish officials as Clerk of Court Clyde Ray Webber, Assessor Monelle Moseley and Registrar of Voters Golda Ensminger.

At the time that she recessed the hearing, Marchman told those present their subpoenas were extended until today and they would need to be present.

Lipsey’s campaign contested the official election results on allegations that some who were not qualified to vote were allowed to do so while others who were qualified to vote were not allowed the opportunity.

Other allegations leveled by the Lipsey campaign have included illegal transport of prisoners to vote at the polls on Election Day instead of by absentee ballot, improper assistance provided to some voters, vote buying and the allowance of voting by persons who did not have proper identification.

The judge can review the evidence presented by both sides and declare Lipsey the winner of the election, throw out the suit and thus declare Maxwell the winner or order a new election.