Entertaining is city’s bread and butter

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For more than 200 years, Natchez has loved to entertain. It’s in our blood; the desire is in our marrow.

Last weekend, we had an opportunity to entertain two special groups of people and we were delighted to have them here for a visit.

A tour group from Detroit and a group of mayors from all across the country visited Natchez.

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Madison mayor and weekend Natchezian Mary Hawkins Butler hosted the mayors’ group.

After a couple of days in Madison — celebrating their cities’ being named to a top 10 list by Family Circle magazine — the group came to Natchez.

Butler didn’t have to bring them here, but she went out of her way to do so and we’re grateful to her for the gesture.

Nearly 100 Nomad travel club members filed out of the club’s 727 that landed at the Natchez-Adams County Airport last week.

The group was participating in a mystery tour in which none of the visitors knew where they were going.

Of all the places in the world they could have come, they came to Natchez.

Hoop skirts and pralines greeted the visitors.

That’s the kind of red carpet we need to roll out more often.

We’re lucky to have been able to host them. Not too many communities our size have the airport facilities required to handle such a large jet, let alone a reason for such a large group to come in the first place.

We need to remember the importance of what we have here — our blend of preserved history with modern conveniences — each time an issue comes up that could affect it.

Here’s to another 200 years of hosting visitors.