Coldwell Banker launches marketing plan for single women

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 18, 2007

NATCHEZ — With more and more single women buying and selling real estate, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation unveiled a marketing program targeting this demographic. The initiative features a handbook entitled, “A Wise Woman’s Guide to Bring Your Own Home,” which can be utilized by the more than 3,200 Coldwell Banker affiliated offices around the nation.

According to the 2006 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers study, 22 percent of homes sold in the United States during 2006 were to single females compared to only nine percent to males. In the same study, NAR reported that the average age of this female first time homebuyer is 34 and her annual household income is $43,300.

“Clearly, single women help drive real estate sales in this country,” says Charlie Young, senior vice president for marketing of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. “This group has demonstrated their clout in the real estate market and has the economic capability to gain the American dream of homeownership.”

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The guidebook, “A Wise Women’s Guide to Buying Your Own Home” is a practical tool that any single female homebuyer can use to assist them in the real estate transaction process. The guidebook addresses topics such as financing, finding a home and negotiation. The guidebook is one of many items developed by Coldwell Banker that is designed to aid its sales associates in targeting this audience. Such items include: print ads, postcards, flyers, and PowerPoint presentations, all of which are available to members at Coldwell Banker’s site, CBNet.