Silas Simmons celebrates 75 years of service

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 18, 2007

NATCHEZ — Over talk of tax returns and investment opportunities the friends and clients of Silas Simmons, LLP celebrated their 75th year of business in Natchez.

“This is a proud time for us,” managing partner Charles Caldwell Jr. said.

Established in 1933, the accounting firm has grown from hand-operated adding machines to state-of-the-art computer systems.

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Silas Simmons, born in Osyka in 1902, was one to the first certified public accountants in the state of Mississippi.

Simmons worked for an accounting firm in Greenwood until he purchased the firm that later became Silas Simmons from Abner Hodge.

Early on the firm was located in the Levy Building where Simmons and his wife, Clotilde, ran the company until they hired their first employee in 1938.

That first employee stayed with Simmons until he retired in 1980.

And that type of company loyalty and worker longevity is commonplace at Silas Simmons.

Wesley Caldwell, a retired partner, was originally hired by Simmons in 1947 and retired at 72.

Caldwell’s son is now managing partner of the firm.

While new business can be seen popping up in almost any town across the country few have the longevity that Silas Simmons has enjoyed.

For Wesley Caldwell the reason why is no big secret.

“We have continued to offer a quality service at a competitive price,” he said. “That’s how a good business runs.”

As Silas Simmons enjoys longevity that few other companies do they have also been lucky enough to watch a community grow.

“To see a business start from scratch and to watch grow is really a privilege we have,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell recalled one such business that was literally started in a Natchez bathroom and has since blossomed into a nationwide entity.

Charles Caldwell Sr. also said that the business has even retained one customer that has been with the firm since Simmons first opened his practice.

Longevity is a recurring theme in the Silas Simmons firm.

Bill Rush Mosby Jr. has been with Simmons for 47 years and shows no sighs of slowing down.

Mosby has worked at Silas Simmons since he became an accountant.

And now, Mosby said he has been lucky enough to see his own son be come a partner in the firm.

“It’s been a good place to work,” Mosby said. “We have people that have been here for their whole careers.”

And it’s that type of longevity that has helped Silas Simmons to build a legacy not just a client list.

“It’s great to be lucky enough to be part of something like this,” he said.