Gas prices not stopping drivers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 22, 2007

NATCHEZ — After the turkey is stuffed and the pies and kids are loaded in the car, there’s only one thing left to do before the obligatory trip to grandma’s house — buy gas.

And buying that gas is getting more and more expensive.

This time last year gas was going for about $2.15 a gallon, this year $3 per gallon is practically the norm.

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And while most drivers are not staying at home because of the prices, some are curtailing their travels.

Hattiesburg resident Ray Nelson said while he and his wife would have liked to travel to Little Rock for Thanksgiving, gas prices changed his mind.

“It kind of blindsides you,” he said.

As the price at the pump passed $40 Nelson said he really preferred the $2 per gallon he paid just last year.

So this year instead of a trip to Little Rock Nelson and his wife decided to stay in Mississippi and visit their children.

And while some choose not to purchase gas, for some, gas chooses what they can purchase.

At least that’s the case for Sandra Price.

On Wednesday afternoon Rice filled her car with three kids and gas.

The gas cost her $40.

“It really stings,” she said.

Rice said her four-hour trip to Moss Point will be a costly one.

“Once you get there you still have to come home,” she said.

Rice said she would much rather spend that $80 on holiday shopping.

“I love shopping the day after Thanksgiving but this puts a damper on it,” she said.

Rice said the amount of money she spends on gas will definitely impact how much she spends on shopping.

“It just adds up,” she said.

The mounting fuel prices are adding up for even for those in more economical cars.

Driving nearly 500 miles from Houston to Brandon in her gas-sipping Honda Civic, Martha Girling, said she is still surprised by the cost of gas.

Girling estimates the cost of her one-way trip will be about $100.

And her biggest surprise came when she got to Natchez.

“I never paid $3 until I got here,” she said.