Gulf Coast thankful for volunteers

Published 12:01 am Monday, November 26, 2007

As we observe the season of Thanksgiving, the Mississippi Gulf Coast hospitality community would like to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of Mississippi volunteers.

We offer a prayer of thanks for the incredibly wonderful people of the State of Mississippi who gave their hearts, hands and time in the rebirth of the Gulf Coast. Volunteers have been the major contributor in elevating the Coast from the depths of despair to a future filled with hope.

Before the winds of Hurricane Katrina subsided, Mississippi’s first responders were trekking south to deliver water and food to our devastated area. Within days more and more volunteers came to assist in digging out from under the rubble. And within months, the process of rebuilding had begun. The volunteers of Mississippi stood shoulder to shoulder with the residents to rebuild homes, churches, schools and businesses.

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Because of this outpouring of love, support and kindness, many Coast residents will be able to observe this season of Thanksgiving in their repaired and rebuilt homes. While, the task ahead is still a mammoth one, we are inspired by the ongoing commitment of so many people around the state, such as those from the Natchez area.

Mississippi’s people have shown the world that the worst natural disaster in American history cannot deter their spirit of resilience and self-reliance. For this we are thankful.

Janice E. Jones

Manager of media relations for the Mississippi Gulf Coast