Employees work to erect city tree

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NATCHEZ — It’s easy to tell that Santa is on his way to Natchez. Stores have decorated their windows for the season and the city of Natchez is busy erecting its Christmas tree on Main Street.

For the past three years, Natchez residents have enjoyed a new, artificial tree in downtown. City workers take an average of three days to bring holiday joy to residents.

“We have been putting the tree up for three years,” said city worker John Butler.

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“It’s a bit difficult at times, you have to climb and everything has to be in the right place. It’s a bit dangerous, but you just have to be careful.”

Ricky Evans, a city employee for the last 11 years, looks forward to Christmas each year.

“I look forward to putting a smile on someone’s face,” Evans said.

“People come by and say it looks good and they are glad to get the tree up.”

After the season is over, city employees will also take the tree down.

“Everything has to be coordinated and put back in the proper boxes for storage at public works.” Butler said.