Lipsey has the right to challenge votes

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To both of your sons and you (Major Stevens Jr.) and all members of our military, my deepest thanks and appreciation for their service.

The roll of our military is to “challenge” those who wish to suppress our way of life. You, Major Stevens, and I, served in Vietnam to ensure the “Constitution” and “The Rule of Law” will prevail to preserve our way of life and the freedom we hold dear. Therefore, I believe Mr. Lipsey has the right to “challenge” all votes that are not in accord with voting rules and/or laws. Do you believe the people would condone unlawful votes cast to offset the outcome of elections? I hope not.

It has been my honor to serve my country in the military. However, it does not make me superior to those that did not serve.

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Thank you, Mr. Lipsey, for standing up for all our rights!

Joseph Snyder

Master Sergeant (Retired)