Suspected murderer captured

Published 2:52 pm Thursday, November 29, 2007

NATCHEZ — Tyrone Lacaze, wanted for the murder of Ronald Jones, was arrested yesterday and is currently awaiting arraignment at the Adams County Jail.

U.S. Marshals arrested Lacaze at an apartment complex in Ferriday.

Supervisory Inspector Justin Vickers said marshals have been actively tracking Lacaze since Nov. 16.

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Acting on a tip, Vickers said, marshals received word on where Lacaze was staying.

“That was a great help to us,” he said.

Vickers said when marshals went to the unit where Lacaze was staying he tried to escape via attic access in a closet.

Once in the attic, Vickers said, Lacaze attempted to run across the attic but his feet kept breaking the fragile surface.

Vickers said Lacaze was actively trying to flee the scene and had to be shot with a Tazer to be brought into compliance.

Once in custody Lacaze was brought to the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Soon after the arrest Sheriff Ronny Brown voiced some concern about extradition since Lacaze is wanted in Mississippi and Texas but was arrested in Louisiana.

However, just a few hours after his arrest Lacaze signed papers that allowed him to be extradited back to Mississippi.

“That was a definite surprise,” Brown said.

Lacaze is also facing a capital murder charge in Texas.

Houston authorities believe Lacaze killed a 16-year-old female witness in a crime either he or one of his family members participated in.

“He is definitely a bad guy,” Vickers said.

And in the past few weeks Lacaze’s bad boy status has gotten him quite a bit of attention.

Vickers said since marshals started tracking Lacaze on the 16th, he believes they were always close on his heels.

Lacaze, Vickers said, recently left Ferriday, likely because authorities were closing in on him, and went to his hometown of New Orleans.

“We were just a few hours behind him when he left New Orleans,” he said.

After leaving New Orleans Lacaze, for some reason, came back to the Miss-Lou.

“We’re surprised he went back there (Ferriday),” he said.

Brown said Lacaze’s return to the area was a mistake on his part.

“That’s when we started getting lots of calls,” he said.

Brown said his office received calls that Lacaze was spotted in Natchez and Ferriday on Wednesday night.

Brown was quick to thank the Marshals and citizens for all of their help in locating Lacaze.

Brown said Lacaze could be arraigned as early as today.

“Right now we’re just glad he’s off the street.”