Funding Co-Lin an easy choice

Published 12:13 am Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Monday’s move by the Adams County Board of Supervisors was a no-brainer.

Since 1993 a portion of your taxes has funded Copiah-Lincoln Community College. The college spent the money to build and pay off an academic building.

Now, that debt service is coming to a close, but Co-Lin’s future isn’t.

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Just because one building is built and fully paid doesn’t mean work needs to end. And work needs money.

Continuing to fund projects at Co-Lin won’t mean new taxes, and most taxpayers won’t even realize a change was made.

The original resolution appropriated $370,000 a year to the community college for the duration of the debt, but Monday’s vote extended the rate into the future indefinitely.

Co-Lin is vital to the development of young and older minds in our community. It plays an important role in work-force training for industries. And the school employs dozens of local residents with good checks and good benefits.

Community colleges should be supported by their communities, and the supervisors wisely have acknowledged this fact.

The school has made known the need for a new health sciences building for a few years now. Classes are overcrowded and laboratories are in closets. Now, $370,000 of local money can begin to pay for the construction of that new building.

The no-brainer decision will help Co-Lin turn bucks into brains for generations to come.