Benefits of courthouse keep coming

Published 12:01 am Friday, December 7, 2007

Natchez and Adams County knew the addition of a federal courthouse would be good for the area.

The building floods next door neighbor Pearl Street Pasta with lunch customers daily.

It brings attorneys and legal officials to our hotels.

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Downtown shops benefit from extra traffic.

And the courthouse creates a grandiose presence in the heart of downtown.

But perhaps what we didn’t realize was that the courthouse would help fight Natchez-area crime.

With the courthouse comes a deputy U.S. Marshal.

The new law enforcement officer will be stationed in town starting Monday.

The deputy marshal will have his own assignments and work, but he’ll also be a welcomed presence to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Natchez Police Department.

Marshals don’t work within state boundaries, meaning he can cross the river to make an arrest if needed.

The marshal will also have access to federal databases and crime labs, making things move faster for local law enforcement agencies.

The benefits of the federal courthouse just keep coming. The facility is a welcomed member of our community, and we’ll eagerly await more happy surprises from its doors.