County MHV clubs have successful year

Published 12:01 am Monday, December 17, 2007

The five Mississippi Homemaker Volunteer clubs in Adams County have brought this year to a close.

The first closing activity was a fun day at Dr. David Carter’s farm in Kingston. What a “fun day” it was. The members began the by picking up pecans. After about an hour of that we went off to the pond to fish. Many of us for the first time in years, and for others just another day on the water. There were many volunteers fishing but I guess the fish did not realize that because all the fish were caught by just three volunteers, Mae Stanton, Brenda Williams and Penny Racal, members of Catherine Williams club.

A break was taken for a well prepared lunch of fried catfish, hush puppies, french fries and drinks. After the splendid lunch, it was back to the water. A very special to Dr. Carter for sponsoring the activity.

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The last scheduled activity for the year was the final council meeting and Awards program on Dec. 12 at the extension building on Carthage Point Road. The out going president, Lee J. Brixton gave the welcome.

A seasonal demonstration on wreath making and reverse decoupage was presented by the Southwest Research Leadership Development Agent, Mrs. Martha Jackson-Banks whose office is in Raymond. She showed how the same materials can be used to make the wreath look entirely different.

The Reading Awards are given to members who read six or more books during the year. A medallion and certificate were given to the following persons: Lee J. Braxton, Lillian C. Edney, Bonita D. Reed, Willa Robson, and K. E. Stanton from Catherine Williams Club and Linda Gooden and Jacqueline Johnson from Town and Country Club.

The Leadership Award recipients presented one or more programs at an Extension MHV club meeting and attended Leader Training. Certificates and a trophy were presented by Geraldine Geyen, the 4-H club director for Adams county to; Lee J. Braxton, Lillian C. Edney, Bonita D. Reed, Willa Robson, Ernestine Stanton and Mae Stanton from Catherine Williams club, Dorothy Champ and Inell Lyles from Violet Montgomery Club, and Rachel Woods form Town and Country Club.

Paula Gaylor presented the Merit Awards to members who attended five or more council meetings. This was the largest group of recipients and the reason the Adams county MHV group has been so successful this year. For their effort, the following members received a trophy and certificate : Leola Barnes, Margaret Lynch and Dorothy Whitley from Sibley Club, Gracie Blanton from Country Living, Dorothy Champ and Inell Lyles from Violet Montgomery, Linda Gooden, Town and Country and from Catherine Williams. Lee J. Braxton, Mildred Brown, Lillian C. Edney, Leola Johnson, Bonita D. Reed, Ernestine Stanton, Mae Stanton, Annie P. Taylor, Ruby N. West, and Willie B. Williams.

Secretary books are turned in to the council at the end of each year and are judged. The winner this year was Catherine Williams. Thanks to Mae Stanton the secretary. Her record keeping efforts gave the club a certificate and a monetary gift.

Each club tries to increase its membership. This year, Catherine Williams had it’s club name added to the plaque that hangs on the wall in the extension meeting room for bring in the most new members. Also a monetary gift was given.

Three members received 25 year service pins which were presented by Dr. David Carter, the Extension Director for Adams County. These recipients were: Gwendolyn Vanderson, Mary Jane Lyles, and Dorothy Thompson all from Town and Country.

Door prizes, Christmas plants the were used for decorations were won by Martha Jackson-Banks, Dorothy Champ, Paula Gaylor, Camile Barnes, Lee J. Braxton, Margaret Lynch, and Penny Rachal.

After special presentations by Lillian C. Edney from Catherine Williams Club to Penny Rachal and Dr. Carter, a splendid lunch was enjoyed by all.

Now just who would not want to belong to such a group of persons who volunteer and have fun whole doing so?

A special thanks to the staff of Mississippi State University Extension of Adams County; Dr. Carter, Penny, Gerry, and Paula and the council officers and committee chairs; Lee J. Braxton, president, Lillian C. Edney, vice president, Ruby N. West, secretary, Bonita D. Reed, assistant secretary, Inell Lyles, treasurer, parliamentarian, Theresa Lewis, family issues, Hattie Rose Marshall, health and nutrition, Lee J. Braxton, community service projects, Ernestine Stanton, environmental, Ora Frazier, international, Mae Stanton, awards and recognition, Lillian C. Edney, public relations, DeElla M. Lewis, library and Bonita D. Reed, sunshine.

Lillian Clark Edney is the public relations coordinator for the Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers.