Foul weather doesn’t stop golfing duo from hitting links

Published 12:01 am Monday, December 17, 2007

NATCHEZ — While a cold, gray winter day is perhaps most conducive to napping or reading a book, two local golfers would certainly disagree.

Paul Davis and Charles Foster, both of Leland, La., said with the exception of lightning they’ll golf in any weather.

And on a recent glum afternoon the pair took to the golf course at Duncan Park to do just that.

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The two men do not fit the profile of typical golfers.

Both sport blue jeans and LSU baseball caps.

“I’ll play in shorts or coveralls,” Davis said. “It don’t matter one way or the other.”

The duo does not get into the fashion of golf nor do they subscribe to any pre-conceived notions about the sport.

While many golfers would opt for an idyllic spring afternoon to hit the links, Davis and Foster will play just about whenever.

“Anytime we get a chance we get a golf bag and head out,” Davis said.

And Davis literally means anytime.

“We’ve golfed in the snow,” he said proudly. “And if it rains that’s fine, we can just wait it out or play.”

That willingness to play in all types of weather has lead to some unique insights that only avid golfers would possess.

“When you play in snow its best to use white balls,” Foster said. “We started with orange then green but lost them all.”

While the duo has not golfed in snow in years they say they would jump on the opportunity should it arise again.

“When the weather’s not great you have the course mostly to yourself,” Foster said. “We like that, we don’t like to be rushed.”

And all that practice and patience has paid off.

While neither of the pair claims to be much good, they’re not that bad.

The team recently took first place in a tournament at the Black Bear golf course in Delhi, La.

“That was a pretty good day,” Davis said.

But for Foster and Davis good times are nothing new.

“We’ve been playing together for about 30 years now,” Foster said. “We have had a lot of good times out here.”

Both men said they were initially resistant to start golfing but were duped into playing by a mutual friend.

“I came out here one day and bought a set of clubs the very next day,” Davis said. “I was just hooked.”

Foster described a similar situation.

“You just get into it,” he said. “It’s hard not to have fun out here.”

Toward the end of the round, while Foster searched for a lost ball, Davis described a recent trip to Jamaica when he had an opportunity to golf on a beachfront course.

“It was close to perfect,” he said. “But it would have been better if my buddy was there.”