Santa parade to journey through town

Published 11:46 pm Saturday, December 22, 2007

NATCHEZ — The Santa Claus parade will make its 79th journey through Natchez on Monday.

Since its beginning in 1928, the Santa Claus Committee has had one objective; making sure all children have a wonderful Christmas, President of the Steering Committee Johnny Byrne said. The committee was formed when Chancery Clerk Walter Abbott and a group of businessmen became concerned that not all the children in the Miss-Lou would have a merry Christmas. What grew out of that small idea has now become almost larger than life with the small group of businessmen now extending to over 300 members.

“It’s something special and people enjoy it,” Byrne said. “We get to help children who might not have a good Christmas.”

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Each year the Steering Committee, made of members from the Santa Claus Committee, gets together and chooses a member to become ‘Santa,’ and the nomination is announced in December. At the end of the year, dues are collected from each member and are given to local charities. In the past five years the committee has expanded its donations to the Sunshine Shelter, The Christmas Tree Fund and the Humane Society. Each year nearly $14,000 is raised and divided among the charities.

“We also use special circumstances to donate money,” Byrne said. “Two years ago we gave money to Hurricane Katrina relief.”

Monday the parade will wind through Natchez honking horns and throwing candy, but they will also make more serious stops.

“When we stop at Braden or the Children’s Home it is hard to find a dry eye when we are helping a child,” Byrne said.


7:30 a.m. — Meet at Elk’s Club-Lower Woodville Road

8 a.m. — Leave Elk’s Club to pick up Santa.

8:15 a.m. — Pick up Santa at home of Bradley Harrison, 708 Orleans Street (North on Lower Woodville Road across John R. Junkin to Homochitto Street straight to 708 Orleans Street)

8:30a.m. — Leave with Santa


MT. CARMEL SUBDIVISION: right onto Mr. Carmel, loop back to Morgantown Road and right to

OAKLAND SUBDIVISION: right and bear right on Oakland loop back to Morgantown Road and right to

BROOKLYN SUBDIVISION: left on Second Street (at Morgantown Baptist Church.) through stop sign to Brooklyn. Turn left on Brooklyn to Magnolia Ave. Right on Magnolia, loop back to Brooklyn, left on Brooklyn to

BROOKFIELD SUBDIVISION: Brookfield to (1stnd right) on Horseshoe, loop back to Brookfield, right to Morgantown Road, right to Highway 61 and right towards scales to


Left on Sherwood to Westwood, turn right on Westwood to Maplewood, turn left on Maplewood to Eastwood to Ridgewood. Turn left on Ridgewoo to Kenwood, turn left on Kenwood to Englewood, turn right on Englewood to Westwood, turn right on Westwood back towards Ridgewood. Turn left on Ridgewood to S. Shields. Turn right on S. Shields to Eastbrook.

EASTBROOK SUBDIVISION: Eastbrook and right on Holly Drive to Eastbrook again and Right to John Glenn Dr.

WESTOVER SUBDIVISION: Left on John Glenn Ave to Earhart to left on Lindbergh then right on

Margaret Ave. to Liberty Road and left on Liberty Road to 207 South Wall .

9:30 AM — STOP #1: Hosts – Michael and Eugenie Cates, 207 South Wall St. (INVITED GUESTS ONLY)

10 A.M. — RESUME PARADE: Orleans to Homochitto to Lower Woodville to

DUNKERRON SUBDIVISION: Briarwood to left onto Tanglewood to Rollingwood then left on Briarwood to Highland.


Right onto Pecanway to Woodville turn left on Woodville go across Highland and continue on Woodville to McGregor turn left on McGregor to Pecanway, turn left on Pecanway to Highland. Turn left towards Hwy 61, turn right heading South towards the Trees

THE TREES SUBDIVISION: Turn left onto Live Oak Drive go to Pecanwood, turn right on Pecanwood, make the loop around Pecanwood back to Live Oak. Turn right on Live Oak to Old Prentiss Highway, go to 61 South and turn right and proceed south Jeff Davis Blvd. Turn right onto Jeff Davis Blvd.


Right on South Meadow to Forrest, left on Forest to S. Temple, left on S. Temple to Jeff. Davis across Jeff Davis to N. Temple, follow around to N. Meadow to Jeff. Davis. Left onto Jeff Davis to Mansfield to right onto Melrose-Montebello Parkway to left onto Arrowhead, right onto Creek Bend, left onto Summerfield Place.

10:40 A.M. — STOP #2: Host — Larry and Karen Gardner, 2 Summerfield Place (INVITED GUESTS ONLY )

11:10 A.M. — RESUME PARADE: Leave Summerfield Place to right on Creekbend to left on Edgewood to left on Crestwood to left on Shadow Lane to right on Melrose-Montebello to John Quitman. Turn left onto Quitman to MLK. Turn left on MLK to left on Homochitto Street to Braden School.


Noon — RESUME PARADE: Homochitto Street, left to MLK and right to Main Street and left to Canal and right to Franklin.


1 PM — RESUME PARADE: Leave Convention Center and turn left on Pearl Street. Pearl Street to Oak Street. Stop at Guardian Shelter (take a right at Oak and pull into the driveway from East to allow for room for carvan and proper setup to exit heading towards Myrtle) then Oak to Myrtle. Right to Elm Street. Right on Elm Street to Union Street. Right on Union to Natchez Children’s Home.


2:00 P.M. — RESUME PARADE: Depart Children’s Home to B Street, right to N. Commerce, left to State Street to Old Pond Road Turn Left on Old Pond Road. Turn left on Somerset and stop at 201 Somerset (3rd Stop)

2:10 PM — STOP #3: Host — Pat McDonough 201 Somerset (INVITED GUESTS ONLY)

2:40 PM — RESUME PARADE: Leave: 201 Somerset and proceed to left on Bayou Lane and right onto Oakhurst and exit back out Old Pond. crossover the intersection onto the access road. Continue to Wood Avenue turning right at Wood Avenue into the Roselawn subdivision.

ROSELAWN SUBDIVISION: Turn right at Miller and Roselawn, follow Itasca around back to Roselawn, crossover Roselawn onto Miller, follow Miller aound back onto RoseLawn, follow roselawn to North circle loop back to Roselawn, crossover Roselawn to S. Circle. make loop back to Roselawn, turn left to Melrose, turn left and follow Melrose to Sgt Prentiss Drive. Turn right on sgt Prentiss to John R. Junkin Drive. Turn right on John R. Junkin Drive to Glenwood.


3:10 P.M. — STOP #4: Hosts – Kevin and April Colbert, 214 Glenwood Drive (INVITED GUESTS ONLY)