Schools think safety first, prevent worst

Published 4:56 pm Monday, December 24, 2007

“My child is missing, has anyone seen him/her?”

These are the words to a parent’s worst nightmare. Each year thousands of children are kidnapped. Parents are frantic and some feel helpless. During December, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office worked with the primary and elementary schools (West, Frazier and McLaurin) in Natchez to counterattack this fear.

The deputies volunteered from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to come to the elementary schools and fingerprint every student. Students were given a permission slip the week before to take home and have parents to sign and return. This was strictly a voluntary program.

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Approximately 10 to 12 deputies came to the schools. The theme was “Prevent the worst … Think safety first.”

Each student was fingerprinted on a safety card they took home. Inside the card was an area where the parents can place a picture of their child and a lock of their hair. In the event the card is used, it will help law enforcement agents locate your child. Each lock of hair contains DNA that will be of great importance.

The students were very excited to have their fingerprints taken. The cards were given back to the student and they took it home to their parents for safekeeping. We would like to take this method to thank the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Ronny Brown , Terry Dunn, Major Charlie Sims, Ronald Dunmore, Captain Chuck Latham, Tom Borum, Major Cliff Cox, Cal Rhodes

Major Billy Neely, Numeka Jones, Joe Belling, Gail Jones and Keith Myles.

Vera Dunmore is the assistant principal at McLaurin Elementary School.