Putting holiday toys to the test

Published 10:54 pm Tuesday, December 25, 2007

NATCHEZ — Once the presents are unwrapped and the shoes are on the feet its time to head outside to break-in those new Christmas presents.

The mountians of ribbon and wrapping paper can be cleaned up later.

And that’s exactly what Shelia Craig’s kids did on Christmas morning.

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Her trio of children ran around the front yard of their home, each playing with their own new toy, each playing together.

“I’m gonna just play with toys all today,” Dazmine Fitzgerald, Craig’s stepdaughter said. “That’s all I want to do.”

Fitzgerald, 6, rode around the front yard of their home on a new battery-powered four-wheeler, while her sister Lamonica, 7, played with her stepbrother’s new remote controlled truck.

Malik Wilson, the Fitzgerald’s stepbrother, was engrossed in a new hand-held video game he got just hours before.

In fact Wilson, 5, was so enthralled with the game that he did not say anything while his stepsisters played around him.

Lamonica and Dazmine both said their favorite gifts were the new bicycles they got just that morning.

“Mine is purple,” Dazmine said. “And it has big wheels.”

Almost as happy as the children, was their mother.

Craig watched over her children as they ran back and forth across the yard swapping toys and laughing.

The scene was a joyous one, every Christmas should be so filled with happiness and simplicity.

“I guess this will be the only thing they do today,” she said. “Just play around.”

Playing should be the only thing kids do on Christmas though.

Later on as the children get all played out the rest of the family will come over for a Christmas feast Craig said.

“The whole family is coming over here,” she said. “We’ll probably have about 20 over here.”

Craig said some of her family would be coming from as far away as Dallas.

“It’s going to be a good time,” she said. “I just thank God that we can all be together today.”