Jesus is the reason for the season

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 27, 2007

It’s been building for a while. But I said nothing because it may offend someone. When everything I am and claim to be was being attacked, I realized if I didn’t stand for what I hold as precious that my children may never know my God and savior. I am proud of who I am and of the great “I am.”

I am a white, male, American. Not an English/European American. Just an American. I see a lot of people and religions trying to make me ashamed of the “I am.” So I’ve decided it’s time stand or fall, for those I love and those I may never know. I believe that the holiday season should be called the Christmas season regardless. I’m not a Buddhist, Muslim, atheist etc. I’m a Christian. I believe what my founding fathers believed. If this is a problem let’s vote on it. Isn’t that the democratic way?

It’s funny though, unless you are Jewish or Christian no one cares what you believe. That makes me know we have the truth. The United States has lost thousands of lives because of the Muslim religion. To think that this country could consider one as president is frightening. We are not the country we were. And I will take my share of the blame up until today.

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What about you? When will you decide to once again stand on the Rock.

Jesus is the reason for my season.

Danny Tisdale

Monterey resident