Christmas baby adds to holiday streak

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 28, 2007

NATCHEZ — Laina Nordan likes little, squirmy holiday presents.

Five pounds, five ounces to be exact this time. She goes by the name of Alyssa Hope VanBuren.

She was the only baby at Natchez Regional to be born on Christmas Day this year, but the holiday birth isn’t anything new for mom Nordan.

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Her first child, Emily Faith, was born on Good Friday.

Alyssa wasn’t expected to be a Christmas child though, Nordan said.

“She was supposed to be born on Jan. 3, but for some reason she came early,” she said.

Nordan agrees that the newest addition to her family may be a little confused her first couple of Christmas’ and birthdays.

“The first few years she will probably think she is only getting one set of presents,” Nordan said.

But Christmas is not going to keep Nordan from throwing birthday parties for Alyssa.

“We will have Christmas presents in the morning, and her birthday party in the evening,” Nordan said.