Only drivers can prevent accidents

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 28, 2007

The Mississippi Highway Patrol responded to 220 car crashes over the extended Christmas weekend.

Of those, three were fatalities, 51 resulted in injuries and one was alcohol related.

The stats span five days and on a holiday not necessarily known for its alcohol consumption.

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Traditionally, the next holiday isn’t so sober.

Local law enforcement agencies have already said they’ll be on the lookout this weekend and through New Year’s Day.

The Natchez Police Department will have several roadblocks set up, and the Ferriday Police Department will have every man on duty.

It’s great to know that law enforcement is doing what they can, but the only people who can truly prevent alcohol-related crashes this New Year are the drivers.

Plan ahead. If you intend to party, find a way home before you leave the house. If you have teens or young adults, ask them about their plans now. Discourage drinking, and make sure they have a plan for their safety.

And if you end up more tipsy than you planned, abandon your pride and ask for help. It could save your life and others.

The start of the new year should be a good one, not a tragic time.

Drunk or sober, be careful on the roadways this weekend and watch out for those around you. Three fatalities in Mississippi this holiday season is three too many.