Temperatures forecasted to drop into the teens

Published 12:01 am Thursday, January 3, 2008

NATCHEZ — The mercury is plunging.

National Weather Service meteorologist Joanne Qulin said an arctic front moving into the area will provide the coldest air the region has seen in some time.

“It’s just plain cold,” she said.

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The temperatures this morning are forecasted to drop as low as 18 degrees.

“That’s not too common for the area,” she said. “When it gets this cold it’s time to look out for the three Ps.”

Pipes, plants and pets should all be protected from the below freezing weather she said.

“No people want to be outside when its that cold,” she said. “And neither do the pets, so bring them in.”

And while no people may want to be outside, for some the inside of their home could be just as cold.

Bettye Gallaway said her Natchez home has no heat whatsoever.

“I use long-johns and lots of blankets,” she said.

Gallaway, 62, also said she has a second plan of attack to combat the cold.

“I fix chili,” she said. “It keeps you warm and it boosts the blood.”

And while many likely can’t contemplate spending the night in a house with no heat, Gallaway said she has a plan for that too.

“I have a down blanket and a bear-fur blanket,” she said. “That keeps me warm.”

Patsy Bryant said she plans to build a fire and turn up the heat to counter the cold air outside.

“I don’t think it’s been this cold in the last two years,” she said.

President of the Adams County Board of Supervisors Darryl Grennell said the county is also prepared for the frigid weather.

“The road crew has plenty of sand on hand in case any bridges or roads ice,” he said.

However, Civil Defense Director George Souderes said the likelihood of icing roads is slim.

“We don’t have any precipitation forecasted,” he said.

Souderes said his greatest concern is the various methods people use to heat their homes.

Souderes said people should use great care when using a fireplace or an electrical heater.

“They can pose a fire hazard,” he said. “And do not use charcoal to heat the house.”

Souderes said he has heard of some people who use charcoal to heat their homes.

“That gives off carbon monoxide,” he said. “And that kills people.”

Souderes said he had not been given notice that the Red Cross would be opening any shelters for the homeless.