Presidential candidates lack backbone

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 6, 2008

What I don’t want to hear is more shallow fuzzy political baloney. Let’s get to it — if you can’t summarized specifically your plans on a three by five card, go home.

Let’s hear: “I support making the tax cuts permanent. I support the borders being sealed this year. I support reform of the tax code. I support a very long-range solution to Social Security. I support a balanced budget. I support a strong ethics law for congress. I support a study of government efficiency. I support elimination of earmarks within any annual budget bill or supplemental budget bill. I support a bigger military but less scattered over the world. I support full disclosure/publication of all non-classified congressional spending on the Web. I support eliminating the capital gains and death taxes. I support English as the official language of the country at all levels of the government. I support oil drilling without limits the next 20 years and three new refineries plus three new atomic power plants. I support federal financial incentives to adopt versus abortion. I support big tax incentives for marriage. I support federal elections on Saturdays only. I support a cutoff of all federal funds to states or cities that refuse to follow immigration laws.”

Now if a retired college biology prof can think of these in 30 minutes, why can’t you hear some every single day by a candidate with a spine?

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Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident