First week of 2008 includes good news

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 7, 2008

In a week marred by the tragedy of death and anxiety over house break-ins, it’s even more important to pause and point out the good things.

Last week 2008 rolled into the Miss-Lou, promising untold stories and a bright future.

The new year brought new faces to the community, including Melissa Pearl Blackmon and La’Miya Mysha Butler — the first babies born in 2008 at the two Natchez hospitals.

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These babies and their families have a whole new life ahead of them, filled with hopes and dreams that we wish them luck in achieving.

In Ferriday the latest birth is more of a rebirth. The Shelby M. Jackson campus of Louisiana Technical College will soon see approximately $5 million in campus renovations. The work will include a new multi-purpose building and upgrades to current facilities.

The Natchez-Adams County Airport has received a new fire truck, courtesy, almost entirely, of federal grant dollars. The truck can be manned by one person, and is specially equipped to put out airplane fires. County departments like the airport often have to seek funding from non-local sources to get the best-of-the-best equipment, and the airport is leading the way on that front.

As 2008 starts rolling and the holidays fade to only memories, we know this week — and this year — is going to be good.