City needs strong slate of candidates

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 13, 2008

In a couple of months, Natchez voters will head to the polls to choose the few who will represent the many.

While many “issues” will be raised in the weeks and months ahead, the most important thing about elections are the people at the core.

Municipal elections are just around the corner and a few candidates have already stepped out and said, “I’m in.” And several more are considering their options.

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So what kind of a person do we need in the mayor’s office and on the board of aldermen?

First, excellent candidates will be honest, beyond reproach.

They’ll be passionate about the city and its people.

Candidates need to be familiar with the city’s history, its diversity and its needs — in both the short and long term.

They also need a little understanding of the duties, responsibilities and powers of each office.

Ideal candidates will have some life experiences that involve problem solving and communicating and working in groups.

All too often first-time political candidates win the race only to realize that they’re ineffective when they must work with others.

Until each of those prerequisites is met, talking about the issues is a bit premature. This coming municipal race looks to be a good one, filled with lots of competition — which is always a good sign of a strong community.

But, most important, this race is about people and we need the best and brightest to step forward and run for office.