The Dart: Have trailer will travel

Published 11:30 pm Sunday, January 13, 2008

VIDALIA — Passersby on Pecan Street Saturday afternoon might have thought Mike and Kate Hughes had visitors staying in their front yard.

Parked in front of the house was the Hughes’ new travel trailer, replacing on older model Kate said had started to sag on the bottom.

The couple bought their first trailer a couple of years ago so they could have a place to sleep when Mike traveled for work.

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“It’s way more comfortable than any motel,” Mike said.

A steelworker, Mike travels to far-off jobs for months at a time, and so the trailer — in which Kate often comes to stay with him for weeks-long stints — just made sense.

After spending several months of the last couple of years literally sleeping on the road, Kate said she was tempted to write a book about how to make a travel trailer more attractive.

“I was thinking of calling it ‘Trailer Spaces,’ to play off of ‘Trading Spaces,’” she said.

But the new trailer was blessed with a little more beauty than many she has seen, Kate said.

“This one is not as ugly as most,” she said.

Though they had bought it only a couple of days before, Mike was already getting the trailer ready to head off to a jobsite in Port Arthur, Texas.

Both of the Hughes agreed, though, that while having a travel trailer for a home away from home was preferable to sleeping in rented beds, it wasn’t what they preferred.

“No matter where you go and where you stay when you get there, there’s just nothing like being here, at home,” Mike Hughes said.