Breakfast gives citizens feedback

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 18, 2008

Every city has an abundance of armchair quarterbacks.

Many of you out there have the perfect solution to the Natchez recreation woes, the potholes and downtown parking.

You’ve shared your ideas with friends and family, and for a few of you, even with your city leaders.

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Events like Wednesday morning’s municipal breakfast encourage concerned residents with well-used armchairs to take things a step further. Citizens submitted questions to be answered by the mayor and board about hot-button issues in the community and got immediate feedback.

Though we wish the full slate of aldermen had been in attendance, Wednesday was a good time for the Miss-Lou team to come together and raise concerns. Thanks go to the Chamber of Commerce for organizing the event.

The challenge now is making visible headway on the solutions. Armchair quarterbacks like to see positive yardage.

But one thing was evident from Wednesday’s huddle. City leaders and residents recognize the same problems and have the same concerns.

They play on the same team.

The football teams with the most wins are the ones able to set aside their personal agendas and function as a team.

It takes solid communication on and off the field to see success, and Wednesday’s meeting was a good place to start the talking.

The armchair aficionados have thrown the passes. It’s time for the leaders to receive them.