WCCA celebrates 100 days in style

Published 10:53 pm Saturday, January 19, 2008

WOODVILLE — Thursday, Jan. 17, was the 100th day of school. The elementary celebrated by doing many different things to represent the 100 days.

The first grade pulled a magical candle 100 times to make it larger; the second grade traced 100 footprints and stretched them out down the hall; the third grade brought 100 different things, but kept it a secret until they came to school; the fourth grade brought 100 pieces of candy; the fifth grade wore 100 things and brought 100 different things to eat and share with everyone; and the sixth grade wore 100 different colored circles.

Miss Edine Seal, the elementary principal brought a cake with 100 candles for all the elementary students to enjoy.

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This week’s devotion was lead by the Rev. Van Moore of Woodville United Methodist Church.

He talked the students about building bridges instead of fences.

The sophomores will be selling carnations for Valentine’s Day to raise money for next year’s prom.

You can contact one of them to purchase a carnation.


1/25 Rams Basketball at Franklin 4 p.m.

1/28 Rams Basketball at WCCA vs. Chamberlin Hunt 5 p.m.

1/29 Blood Drive in WCCA Cafeteria from 2 p.m. -7 p.m.

1/31 Rams Basketball at Tensas 4 p.m.