Mullins: Wal-Mart altercation did not involve a gun

Published 12:40 am Monday, January 21, 2008

NATCHEZ — An e-mail has been circulating throughout the area describing an alleged altercation in the Natchez Wal-Mart which resulted in a gun being pulled.

Police Chief Mike Mullins confirmed that there was some kind of disturbance in the Wal-Mart but said a gun was not involved.

In this e-mail, a woman was said to have accidentally bumped her shopping cart into another woman’s shopping cart.

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The e-mail continues in saying the woman who had been bumped started spewing expletives at the other woman and threatened to “blow her brains out.” Then, allegedly, the woman pulled a gun out of her purse.

In the e-mail, it says the woman then asked the store manager to call the police, but the manager said he could not and that if she wanted the police to be called, she would have to do it herself.

The story goes on to say that Adams County Sheriff’s Office was called, but the victim was told that the response time would be roughly two hours.

Mullins said the store was not asked to call the police.

Mullins said that from the police department’s standpoint, this investigation is closed.

“From our investigation, it did not happen as the e-mail said,” Mullins said. “We’re satisfied that nothing serious happened.”