Dogs need to be fenced in town

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Downtown residents who have cats and dogs need to be aware of some dogs running loose in the north part of town.

Last Thursday night, a friend of mine returned home on North Pearl Street to find her cat being viciously attacked by three large dogs. Fortunately, she was able to get the cat to a veterinarian for treatment.

The cat had numerous bites, a leg pulled from the socket, and was in shock. I am not writing to bash dogs, I own three myself. But I do know that dogs should not be allowed to be free to run around town. Whoever owns these dogs should have them in the house, or in a fenced yard. I am adamantly against people who want a dog and think they can just tie them up in the yard.

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Big dogs especially need an enclosed area to have some freedom but not in a situation where they can just run around the city streets.

This puts people, other pets and even the loose dogs themselves in danger. My friend’s, cat died Monday morning after five days of treatment with antibiotics and drips.

Anyone who has a pet knows how heartbreaking it is for one to die but it is twice as hard when that pet is lost through an act of violence.

Donna Harrison

Natchez resident