Medicare program abuse is disturbing

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I find it very disturbing how the Medicare program is being abused. One country is in a financial dilemma with monies being spent on programs directed by Washington that could be used to assist the financially handicapped for an assortment of assistance.

Now to the crux of this letter … there are doctors and professionals who take advantage of the Medicare and Medicaid assistance. Many have been caught and prosecuted for their theft, which they rightly deserved.

What goes on here locally is when you need professional advice from a doctor, you have to seek or are told to see another doctor to give you a slip to see the doctor you initially wanted to see. All this, in turn, runs the Medicare tab up several degrees. Are you following this so far?

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To begin with, the original doctor who is a neurologist, who is a doctor, says you have to get his or her permission to see the neurologist. Call it passing the buck so everyone gets Medicare bucks. Do you get the point?

It’s a close knit community between doctors that is frustrating and at times causes more stress amongst the patients because of all the running between doctors who initially could have performed their duties without referral.

From one professional to another, please take heed because what goes around comes around and …. the buck stops here!

Oh yes — there are other doctors who are respectful.

Mike Straczuk is a Vidalia resident