Supervisors legal logic is sound

Published 12:01 am Friday, January 25, 2008

Ten people can do a job in less time than one.

That’s the most basic form of logic. And it’s that logic the Adams County Supervisors are applying to the county’s legal work.

Typically, it’s not a good move to make major changes on your first day on the job. Most folks like to spend some time learning the system, getting acclimated and fitting in before a major overhaul.

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So it was noteworthy when the new board of supervisors fired County Attorney Bob Latham before their seats got warm this month.

Two days later, they rehired Latham to work on the Rentech project.

And this week, they revealed the plan for handling the work Latham left behind.

As the dust settles around them, things are beginning to clear up.

The board has hired Bobby Cox as interim attorney. But they now want Cox to hire an even larger slate of attorneys to handle the nearly 20 ongoing suits of which the county is a part.

Though it may sound as if they’ve opted to pay 10 lawyers instead of one, the logic is sound.

If the board hires lawyers case-by-case based on their area of expertise, they’ll get the most qualified person for the job.

If that attorney only has one county case to focus on, he’ll get the work done faster.

In the meantime, the other attorneys can chop through their cases as well, making short order of the lingering list of cases.

The board is paying — more or less — for the same amount of work. They are just splitting it among multiple attorneys.

Ten times the work in the same amount of time — it sounds logical. Time will tell if the plan actually proves to be effective.