Jury should move forward with lawsuit

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As an agricultural community with a hard-working nature, Concordia Parish is supposed to have a few buckles and cracks.

But we’d like them to be on the men, not the newly laid asphalt.

Riding the roads in the parish can be, well, a pain in the rear.

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Potholes, dips and completely deteriorating roads make it nearly impossible for cars to smoothly traverse.

But the parish police jury made a plan in 2005 to begin fixing the problems.

They proposed, and successfully passed a road tax. The money would go directly to roadwork, and the voters agreed it was a good idea.

The governmental system worked like it should.

And roadwork began.

By 2007 many of the roads on the original Phase I list had received a new blacktop.

A year later, the same roads are falling apart, police jurors say.

Jurors began talking of taking action toward the end of 2007, and Monday night, they took the first step — looking for legal representation.

The jury believes contractor Blain Company of Natchez is at fault, and they plan to sue.

With their minds seemingly made up, it’s time the jurors picked up the pace. They’ve been talking of suing for months. It’s time to move.

A court will have to decide if Blain is truly at fault, but the jurors owe it to long-patient residents to fully explore what happened to their tax dollars before any more roads buckle and any more cracks show.