Our criminals aren’t invisible

Published 12:11 am Friday, February 1, 2008

Nearly every Natchez resident has a crime prevention tool on his or her person at all times, and it doesn’t even have to be loaded to work.

The magic tool isn’t a weapon at all; it’s just a good set of eyes.

Criminals aren’t invisible. And sooner or later they’ll do something to be seen.

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So keeping your eyes peeled and your brain on target can be the missing link to crime prevention.

Downtown Natchez has been without a Neighborhood Watch program for years and years. The residents of our quaint, garden district streets got complacent, felt safe and let things drop.

But a string of recent home invasion break-ins has changed things, and one enterprising citizen is taking note and making change.

Sissy Blackwood, a downtown resident, is working with homeowners and police to resurrect the defunct Neighborhood Watch program.

The organized group of eyes can be a major help to a budget-strapped, understaffed police force.

But Police Chief Mike Mullins has already put out a warning — don’t let the fervor die.

The latest crime spree is likely the work of one or even just a handful of criminals. Once they are caught, things may become quaint once again.

But the Neighborhood Watch needs to stick around to prevent the next set of thieves from finding a foothold.

Our eyes may be our best defense; let’s put them to work.