Fishermen getting excited about bass spawn

Published 12:01 am Sunday, February 10, 2008

Each year, in February, the local fishermen and ladies get excited.

By the second or third weekend of the month the bass spawn kicks off.

The big sows are cruising the shallows right now looking for a suitable nesting spot.

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There is no better time to land a big trophy bass or a limit of slab white perch than right now.

The shallow flats and coves that were vacant just a week ago are now loaded with fish and that’s where the fishermen will be.

Target the wind protected areas like canals, coves and the flats on either end on the lake.

That’s where you’ll find the warmest water and that’s where the first wave of spawning fish will be.

On the land locked oxbow lakes like Concordia, St. John and Lake Bruin the shallow flats on either end of the lake will be loaded with boats casting for bass.

You can dodged the crowds by targeting the small subtle coves, ditches and canals that many over look.

Another thing that helps when fishing for the early spawners is to keep noise to a minimum.

When the fish first move out of the depths to thin water they are afraid of their own shadow and the least bit of noise like a pair of pliers dropped on the bottom of the boat will send them streaking back toward deep water.

When approaching a possible spawning site shut your outboard off well before you get near the area and ease your trolling motor down. Dial the trolling motor down to quite slow speed and you’ll catch more fish.

The best reports on the white perch are coming form Larto Lake. The crappie spawn starts just before the bass spawn so you can bet some of the crappie are dropping eggs right now.

It’s the time of year when come fish will still be deep, some shallow and some in between.

At times the deep fish will be easier to catch because the shallow fish are so skittish. On the other hand after a few days of sunshine the shallow water fish will be easier to catch than the pre-spawn fish in deep water.

It’s trail and error time. Try the shallows and if that don’t work move off the banks and out of the shallow flats to look for more active fish.

We had a great time last weekend during my Dad’s annual memorial tournament. 166 fishermen entered the 22nd annual J.R. Roberts Memorial Team Bass Challenge to cast for cash on Lake Bruin last Saturday.

Congratulations to Glen Foster and Scott Emfinger. Foster and Emfinger weighed in an impressive 18 plus pound five bass limit to take home $3,200.

For complete tournament results go to my web site

It took 14 pounds to place in the money and a 5-pound bass to place in the big bass division.

My family and I thank all that participated and look forward to seeing everyone this tournament season.

Eddie Roberts writes a weekly fishing column for The Democrat. He can be reached at