McGlothin on top so far, Ferriday mayoral run-off coming

Published 1:01 am Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ferriday — Ferriday’s mayoral election is yet to be decided.

On March 8, voters will go back to the polls to decide between incumbent Mayor Gene Allen and former mayor Glen McGlothin.

McGlothin won 598 votes, Allen received 410.

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At McGlothin’s party, the Concordia Parish Community Center, poll-watchers gathered around a table as vote counts were repeatedly checked on the Internet.

About 45 people huddled around the edge of the table all looking over each other’s shoulders to get a glimpse of the computer screen.

“He’s ahead,” one woman shouted as McGlothin’s margin over Allen grew.

The crowd cheered.

McGlothin maintained that margin for the entire race.

As the McGlothin campaign celebrated into the night with food and drink the mood at Allen’s office was a bit more reserved.

Allen along with friends and family gathered in the waiting area of Allen’s funeral home as the numbers rolled in.

Allen sat at a computer behind his desk with a yellow legal pad to keep a running tally of votes.

Allen was on a cell phone telling the person on the other end that the race “did not look good.”

Later Allen said he thought the race would likely go into a run-off.

And Allen’s guarded attitude seemed to be indicative of the way he said he ran his pre run-off campaign.

Late Saturday Allen said if he would have better advertised his record he felt confident he could have won the race, sans run-off.

“My record speaks for itself,” he said.

Starting today Allen said he will continue his campaigning.

And in that campaign Allen will focus on his record during his time as mayor.

Allen said when he took over the office from McGlothin the Town of Ferriday’s budget had a $1 million deficit.

“And right now we are in a cash surplus,” he said.

McGlothin was mayor before Allen won the last election.

But Allen won’t be campaigning alone today.

McGlothin said he can’t wait to start campaigning again.

“I want to get back out there and see what the people want,” he said.

McGlothin said if elected he will make improvements to Ferriday’s water treatment facility and improve the Ferriday’s overall image.

“This is great town,” he said. “I want to try to make it better.”

In the Ferriday race for aldermen two new aldermen were elected on Saturday.

Somer Lance was elected to District A.

The following aldermen ran unopposed.

Johnnie Brown was elected to District D.

Elijah “Stepper” Banks was elected to District B.

Jerome Harris was elected to District C.

Gloria Lloyd was elected to District E.