Familiar faces: Communication helps close generation gap

Published 8:32 am Monday, February 18, 2008

What is lost in the generation gap is often difficult to retrieve. Old ways of life are replaced by technology; new gadgets are sometimes too new for older Americans to understand.

The only tried and true gap closer we have is communication.

The following pages illuminate the gaps, while highlighting the similarities among five pairs of Miss-Lou residents. These five Cathedral School students interviewed their grandparents first, then grandma and pawpaw turned the tables, asking the questions of the children. They each took photos of the other, and the things that are special to one another.

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The questions were simple:

How old are you?

Where were you born?

What is/was your favorite childhood toy and why?

How do/did you spend most of your childhood time?

Do/did you like school? What is/was your favorite subject?

How do you think my childhood was different from yours?

Their answers surely surprised one another in some cases. And hopefully their gaps are just a little smaller now.

Click on the images below to see their answers.