City needs plan to move ahead

Published 12:01 am Sunday, February 24, 2008

A man on journey with no destination in mind is really just a drifter, a wanderer bouncing around from place to place.

That kind of aimless wandering is looked down upon in society. It seems to indicate a lack of ambition and certainly offers no simple way to judge one’s progress over time.

Conversely, a man who has a plan and is working his plan each day is considered much more successful.

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Decades ago, in 1951 to be exact, the City of Natchez was the man with a plan.

Several decades later the plan was updated.

Now, it’s been nearly 10 years since the man had a plan.

Municipal destinations take time.

The convention center, the federal courthouse and the Natchez Trace terminus each took years and years of planning before the first shovel of dirt was moved.

As we look around the city today, we realize the need, the absolute must to get the city’s priorities written into a formal, updated comprehensive plan.

We continue to be proponents of exploring city-county consolidation. It simply makes sense to reduce government duplication.

But consolidation is somewhat extreme.

The plan could start with much more simple goals: a formal plan for a recreation complex or a plan to repair the downtown sidewalks.

What about the need to get more adequate housing, particularly low- to moderate-income housing?

As we look around the community, we cannot help but wonder where the convention center and federal courthouse projects of tomorrow are going to be.

Without a plan, our city is a drifter floating around aimlessly.