Fishing provides bonding opportunities for Fosters

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 24, 2008

For Paul and Glen Foster, fishing has always been a big part of their father-son relationship.

The Fosters, both members of the Dixie Bass Club, have been fishing together since Glen was a youth.

“We started fishing in tournaments when I was 15 or 16,” Glen Foster said. “But we had been practicing together for years before we started in the bass club.”

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Paul Foster, who turns 85 in July, has been fishing since he was about 10 years old and wanted to share his love of the sport with his son.

“To me, there’s nothing any better than for a dad to take his kid out fishing,” Paul said. “You take them on the water fishing and they stay out of the trouble kids are facing today. My sons have always kept their nose clean because they didn’t have anything else to do but fish when they were around me,” he said with a laugh.

Glen had similar thoughts about his time on the lake with his father.

“There’s a bonding that goes on between a father and son that’s a part of fishing,” Glen said. “There’s a learning aspect. You can learn a lot from your dad by just watching.”

Glen enjoyed the experiences of fishing with his father so much that when his son, Johnathan, got old enough, he took him out on the water as well.

“We followed the same pattern as me and my dad,” Glen said of his son’s fishing experience. “He fished with me until he went off to college.”

Johnathan lives in Keller, Texas, now, but still fishes with his father in one tournament a year when the bass club has an out-of-town tournament.

“He says he misses this area because the fishing is better here than where he lives in Texas,” Glen said.

Glen has had success in the fishing tournaments, which is something that Paul jokingly takes credit for.

“I always say he had a good teacher,” he said. “It’s always quite a thrill when he wins a tournament.”

Paul isn’t just a good teacher, he’s quite the fisherman himself. Since he joined the Dixie Bass Club 11 years ago, he has finished in the top 10 of the club every year.

“I pick at the other guys in the club and call them young men,” Paul said. “I still love to compete. Nothing is more relaxing, and the thrill of waiting for that bite is great.”

He has been experiencing that thrill for more than 70 years, since he bought his first rod and reel when he was 11 years old.

“I started off fishing in Lincoln County when I was a kid and have been fishing ever since,” he said. “My first love is bass fishing.”

As members of the Dixie Bass Club, the Fosters fish in tournaments once a month, where the main goal is to just have fun and enjoy fishing.

“The bass club is committed to promoting bass fishing through sportsmanship in a competitive manner,” Glen said. “The bottom line is to have fun. It’s not about the money, it’s about enjoying the outdoors and fishing.”

And in the past three years, the father-son team has made some memories in the bass club tournaments.

“The highlight of the club has been the past three years,” Glen said. “The top 10 in our club fish against the top 10 in five other clubs in a big tournament. We won that tournament two out of the past three years and finished second the other year. Winning as a father and son team was a great experience. It’s something I can relive all my life.”

While Glen’s fondest memories are of winning tournaments with his father by his side, Paul takes his greatest pleasure from sharing his love of fishing with his sons and grandson.

“It’s a joy to me to teach them how to fish,” Paul said. “I had the pleasure of teaching both of my sons. I also gave Johnathan his first rod and reel and took him fishing when he caught his first bass. It was quite a thrill. I’ve made fishermen out of them.”