Lights, camera, Natchez

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 24, 2008

For the You Tube video “The Ghost” click on the following link.
The Ghost

North and South,” “The Lady Killers” and now, “The Ghost.”

The TV miniseries and big screen flick both have scenes filmed in Natchez. The third, lesser-known title, is a product of the Internet age, and well, may not be such a hit. Yet.

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Filmed on location at the Keyhole House on Main Street in Natchez, “The Ghost” has only reached the Adobe Flash Player screen of YouTube, not the silver screen. is an Internet site that allows users — anyone and everyone — to post their home movies for the world to see.

Pat Dillon is the featured thespian of “The Ghost.” His adventures at the Keyhole House include ghost chasing, death and comical horror.

The video is two minutes and 45 seconds and begins with the opening theme from “The Twilight Zone.”

Then, in black and white, you see Uncle Pat.

He brandishes a can of Miller High Life.

He walks around the outside of the house taunting an alleged ghost in inside.

He threatens the ghost.

“Come on out ya freakin’ ghost,” he says in a raspy voice. “Come on out and I’ll catch ya.”

The movie resumes inside.

Uncle Pat is sound asleep on his sister’s sofa.

A hat and hair magically appear on his head.

Then the ghost appears — someone under a bedspread standing over Uncle Pat.

In the next scene Pat had two suction darts stuck to his head.

The narrator threatens him with brain surgery and the film ends.

Mark Dillon, the mad genius behind “The Ghost,” was in charge of editing and shooting some of the film. Mark is the nephew of Keyhole House owner Darlene Christian.

“I really don’t know why we filmed that,” he said.

Mark said he and his family were staying with their aunt just after she moved in when they filmed “The Ghost.”

“We had a lot of fun that week,” he said. “Somebody told us the house was haunted so we decided to make a movie.”

While the video was shot in the early 1990s it was only recently edited and posted to YouTube.

“He gives me a lot to work with,” Mark said of his uncle.

Mark owns a sign company in Austin but said filmmaking was his first love.

“I wanted to make movies,” he said. “But instead I got into signs.”

Sign making is a family business for Mark.

So now he scratches his itch for filmmaking with Uncle Pat.

“He’s a character,” he said. “I mean he is one of a kind.”

And it’s not likely that Mark will run out of material anytime soon.

He said his family has started giving him old home movies that he then turns into mindless, but extremely funny, short films.

Uncle Pat, he said is his favorite subject.

“I love that guy,” Mark said. “I really do.”

Mark also said the movies are a way for the family to bond.

“Everyone can see them no matter where they are,” he said.

Pat, too, enjoys the stint in filmmaking.

“Yeah (Mark’s) kinda clever,” Pat said. “I like all those weird movies he makes.”

Pat lives just outside of New Orleans.

Pat said he has yet to see “The Ghost” but is looking forward to it.

And Mark is looking forward to making more videos about Uncle Pat.

In one upcoming feature Uncle Pat locks his keys, beer and fried chicken in the car on his religious vacation to Conyers, Ga.

“I got video gold coming out of my ears,” Mark said. “I love Uncle Pat.”

As for Pat’s sister Darlene — who lives in the Keyhole House — the whole bit is a little much.

“I have no idea what they were thinking,” she said.

“The Ghost” is only one of approximately 100 YouTube videos filmed in and around the Natchez area.