Fleming’s owners hire attorney in petition

Published 12:01 am Saturday, March 1, 2008

NATCHEZ — The owners of Fleming’s Body Shop, Idorsey and Pincella Fleming, have retained legal counsel in response to a petition filed against their business in early January.

The Adams County District Attorney’s office filed a petition against the owners that could ultimately result in an injunction that would permanently close the shop.

Adams County Sheriff Ronny Brown and Natchez Police Chief Mike Mullins both said the business is a hotbed for illicit activity.

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Brown said the establishment is a known go-to spot for drugs, prostitution and the buying and selling of stolen property.

However, the Flemings attorney, Claude “Buck” Pintard, said his clients are not involved with any illegal activity.

“It’s the city’s corner,” he said.

Pintard maintains that law enforcement officials should instead more diligently enforce the law on the corner where the shop is located.

Mullins said while the area is regularly patrolled, it remains a constant source of problems for the law enforcement community.

“We continuously go to that location,” he said.

Mullins said officers regularly make drug arrests in the area.

Mullins and Brown said they have contacted Idorsey Fleming in the past in an effort to get him to remove the criminal element from his property.

Both men said Fleming normally denies any knowledge of illegal activity.

Brown said Fleming’s ignorance is highly unlikely because the sheriff’s office has responded to complaints in the area for four years.

District Attorney Ronnie Harper said he fully intends to take the Fleming’s to court.

Once a court date is set, the case will be heard in chancery court.

“We will present evidence as to why it’s a public nuisance,” he said.

Harper said he will try to set a court date in the near future.

In the past, Fleming said he would comply with the petition and get his property in order. However, it now appears as if the case will go to court.