Ruling can restore integrity

Published 12:10 am Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sometimes life is like golf. You just need a “do over.” That’s what Judge Jim Persons decided late last week after days of testimony in the Wilkinson County elections contest.

After months of accusations, finger pointing and trips to court the judge decided the elections for Wilkinson County’s circuit clerk, sheriff and district two supervisor positions just require a mulligan.

For the non-golfers out there, that’s the term used by golfers to describe the practice of taking another shot when the first one was bad.

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Persons’ move was the best available option since the integrity of the election — and the entire election process — had been called into question.

The voters of Wilkinson County need to know that their votes counted, were not bought or sold and that no monkey business occurred when no one was looking.

Once the court learned that absentee, affidavit and curbside ballots could not be used because the chain of custody — who had access to the ballots — was unclear, a new election was the only real option.

Fortunately, for Wilkinson County voters, the judge will put a third party person in charge of overseeing the election.

Given the squabbling that has occurred, we think that’s an excellent way to restore integrity to the process.

Let’s just hope this shot winds up with the small white ball rolling straight into the cup.