Bass goes from flipping hamburgers to flipping houses

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

NATCHEZ — From studs to stunning, local real estate agent and home renovator Guy Bass has been renovating homes in Natchez for decades.

“It’s satisfying work,” he said.

Standing in front of one of his newest projects in Linden Place, Bass picked yellow paint from his fingers as he took a break from painting.

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And painting, Bass said is his least favorite part of house flipping.

“This is about 30 gallons of painting by hand,” he said looking over the exterior of a bright yellow house.

Bass said older homes, like most found in Natchez, were built very close together and that makes spray-gun painting almost impossible.

Bass said the slightest breeze will coat nearby homes and even cars with a mist of paint.

But painting aside Bass said he truly enjoys his work.

With the exception of air conditioning, plumbing and electrical work Bass said he and his business partner do all their own renovation work.

“It’s a lot of hard work but it pays off,” he said. “When you can look back at a finished product it’s very rewarding.”

Bass’ most recent project, a small home built in the 1950s, is almost ready to hit the market.

But the house was almost completely ruined when a large tree fell on top of it.

Bass acquired the house after the original owner removed the tree and re-roofed the house.

“Each project has its own challenges,” he said.

However Bass has overcome the challenges brought on by his latest project.

Looking at the house it’s impossible to tell that it once supported a tree.

But in Bass’ line of work challenges are par for the course.

Bass said since most of the houses he has worked on are old they all have quirks.

“Nothing’s ever square or ever level,” he said.

But in Bass’ years he has learned to overcome the challenges that 100 years of settling can bring.

Bass said he flipped his first house on North Pearl Street when he was still in his early 20s.

He bought the property for less than $9,000.

After years of working in the restaurant business and flipping houses part-time Bass said he decided to flip fulltime about a year and a half ago.

But in all those years Bass has worked in countless homes in Natchez.

And in that time Bass has unknowingly formed a legacy of sorts simply by the sheer number of houses he has worked on.

“I want to quality work,” he said. “It’s what I can do to help save Natchez.”