City needs a good spring cleaning

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring cleaning has even greater significance in Natchez.

For a city that prides itself on always being ready for primetime, cleanliness is a top priority.

And while regular Joes are cleaning out their refrigerators, dusting behind the bookshelves and emptying cluttered closets this spring, the city of Natchez must do more.

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And we must do it sooner.

Spring Pilgrimage begins Saturday and lasts until April 12. Regardless of a seemingly grumpy Mother Nature and her persistent cold temperatures, spring in Natchez starts when the first tour bus rolls into town this week.

That leaves only approximately three days to get in ship shape.

City grasses need to be cut. Downtown storefronts need to be primped. Trash on the highways must disappear.

It’s time to put on our Southern charm and welcome visitors with warm hearts and clean hands.

Much of the cleanup needs to be done by the city. We’ll have no better time to begin strict and quick enforcement of the sign ordinance and good road maintenance.

But plenty of work can be done by you regular Joes. It’s not just Stanton Hall and Longwood that are on show this week, it’s your house too.

Tourists don’t close their eyes as they walk and ride to the next antebellum house. They see it all — even the subdivisions off the beaten path.

Whether you are a direct part of it or not, Spring Pilgrimage drives much of the economy in Natchez.

Let’s put on our best face.