It’s time to beautify Natchez

Published 12:23 am Friday, March 7, 2008

Let’s clean our act up Natchez. We open our door to the world for our annual Spring Pilgrimage soon, but you would never know it by riding around town. The new interchange on Liberty Road at Seargent S. Prentiss is beautiful, but the grass and weeds are already getting a foot hold.

Who is going to be responsible for keeping the new flower beds weeded and pruned? The medians leading to the new Trace entrance on Liberty Road are looking unkept, not to mention the piles of rocks and asphalt lining the curbs. The entrances to our city sport signs welcoming visitors to our historic city, but the lights are not working on several to illuminate them at night, plus some landscaping would enhance these areas as well. It was a nice effort by the Natchez Downtown Development Association in regards to a recent cleanup, but I’m sorry the turn out was so lackluster. We need to have a community-wide clean up that is well publicized and promoted.

I was recently in Vicksburg where the city employs a horticulturist full time — and it is very evident. We should take heed.

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Vicksburg has pennants attached to all their light poles around the city promoting various things and events that Vicksburg is famous for. Natchez could do the same! In order to continue attracting new residents and visitors, Natchezians need to join together in making our city a even more beautiful place to live and visit. Any suggestions? What ever happened to “Keep Natchez Beautiful?” Hats off to the few who do care about this issue and are diligent in making a difference.

Sterling Dossett

Natchez resident