Natchez superdelegate leaning toward Obama

Published 12:32 am Friday, March 7, 2008

NATCHEZ — City Attorney Everett Sanders may hold the fate of Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the palm of his hand.

With the race for the Democratic nomination the closest it’s been in many years, it might come down to the vote of the superdelegates, which Sanders is one of.

Sanders’ eligibility for this position stems from his elected position as the national committeeman for the state of Mississippi for the Democratic National Committee.

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“By virtue of that office I’m one of the superdelegates for the state,” Sanders said.

Sanders was elected to the slot four years ago.

Superdelegates cast their votes at the National Democratic Convention for whoever they’d like.

“It’s an argument going on and both sides to try to get the superdelegates,” he said. “Superdelegates become vitally important if neither of them is able to accumulate enough delegates.”

Superdelegates have been around for ages but have received special buzz during this election because the nomination could come down to their votes.

“There’s a certain amount of celebrity that’s been heaved upon the superdelegates,” Sanders said.

Right now he said he wants to vote for Obama. He will, however, pay attention to the results of Mississippi’s primary.

“I represent the vote here in Mississippi, although I’m not bound to follow the vote,” Sanders said. “However if I want to get re-elected…”

He said both Democratic camps have contacted him and he’s been most impressed by Obama.

“I’ve been impressed with Obama and his ability to generate the support among persons who have not participated in the electoral process before,” Sanders said. “In my lifetime, the only other time I can recall such excitement among young voters was when President Kennedy was running for candidate,” he said.

He said no matter who gets the nomination, it’s his job to make sure a Democrat wins the general election.

“That’s all I’m interested in, making sure the Democrats win in the fall,” he said.

He’s looking forward to going to the convention and he said his children are excited for him, too.

“We’re looking at history in the making (no matter) which candidate gets the nomination,” he said.