Parish towns head to polls today

Published 12:26 am Saturday, March 8, 2008

VIDALIA — Voters in the towns of Ferriday and Vidalia will decide if they love their leadership or want a change in a run-off election today.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In Ferriday, Mayor Gene Allen will face off against challenger and former mayor Glen McGlothin. Approximately 48 percent of the vote went to McGlothin and Allen took approximately 33 percent of the vote from the field of seven candidates in the general election.

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In Vidalia, Police Chief Billy Hammers will take on a challenge by Ronnie G. “Tapper” Hendricks. At the close of the Feb. 9 primary election, the two candidates — in a field of four — both garnered approximately 42 percent of the electorate and were separated by only one vote.

So far, 434 ballots have been cast in early voting for the two elections.

Those votes include 312 in-person votes and 122 mail-in ballots.

The registrar of voter’s office will continue to accept overseas and military ballots through the mail today, but otherwise voters need to show up at their local precinct to cast their ballot.

All registered voters are eligible to vote in the municipal election regardless of party affiliation.

To vote, registered voters need only take a generally recognized photo ID such as a driver’s license or Louisiana Special ID to their voting precinct.

Voters without a photo ID may take a utility bill, government document or payroll check with their name and address on it for identification purposes, but they will have to sign an affidavit affirming their identity.