Cathedral students visit science museum

Published 12:39 am Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cathedral School was recently awarded a $1,000 Target Field Trip Grant. The grant is designed to help bring learning to life for students, gaining valuable experiential learning to enhance students’ classroom studies. Cathedral was selected from more than 16,000 applicants from around the country.

Fifth- and sixth-grade science teacher, Amanda Coley, chose to use the grant to take the students to the Louisiana Art & Science Museum in Baton Rouge.

Students were mesmerized by the journey through the cosmos in the IMAX theater. They learned about the seasonal night sky and current celestial events, exploring our solar system and travel to the stars and beyond, seeing the universe as never before.

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Next students went to the hands-on science station which features educational games and interactive exhibits on life science, earth science, physical science and math.

Students dug for fossils, tested the speed of sound, worked a giant gear wall, played on computer stations complete with science-related games, and many mind-teasing puzzles.

Lastly, students visited the ancient Egypt gallery complete with a 2,300-year-old male mummy and displays of ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian artifacts.

They were introduced to Egyptians’ unique religious beliefs, including displays on the ancient Egyptians’ belief in the afterlife as well as their funeral practices.

From art exhibitions to hands-on science exhibits and treasures from ancient Egypt, LASM had something to inspire everyone.