A lot at stake with Natchez Regional

Published 12:12 am Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Concerning Natchez Regional Hospital, I know that the business of running a hospital requires skill in management that we may never acquire, and taxing Adams County citizens is certainly not the answer to keep the hospital open.

Many hospitals (county-owned) have been sold in the past and the new owners provide jobs and taxes to cities and counties without liability exposure, money invested in buildings, equipment and high yearly operational losses.

You hold the key to turn this problem into a profit by getting rid of the hospital. Selling may stop the money loss, put property taxes in our account, increase the business at the hospital with professional management, create more jobs and most of all provide top healthcare to all.

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Please put your minds to this as a lot is at stake for all in our county as in the neighboring counties.

Kenneth R. Johnston

Adams County citizen